Ultrasonic Circular Vibrating Screen

Ultrasonic circular vibrating screen is a kind of equipment which has prominent advantages in solving materials sieving problems, such as high absorption, easy agglomeration, high static, high precision degree, light weight problems etc. It consists of ultrasonic producer and vibrating screen. By adopting advanced intelligent vibrating ultrasonic controller, materials on the net do low frequent vibration along with supersonic vibration ,thus not only solve the problem of jam but also greatly improve its output and quality.

Functional principle

Ultrasonic circular vibrating screen function principle

The function principle of ultrasonic circular vibrating screen is adding an ultrasonic energy transform device on the screen surface of vibrato separator and filter. This device can make the deck superpose ultrahigh frequency vibration energy; to make sure it can keep clear of the mesh and achieve the ideal screening situation. Ultrasonic circular vibrating screen is usually used in screening superfine powder which the ordinary vibrating screen cannot solve.ultrasonic screen


Ultrasonic circular vibrating screen advantages

No pollute the powder.

Keep the same nominal size of screen.

Reduce screening times.


Ultrasonic circular vibrating screen parameters

ultrasonic vibrating screen specification


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