MPG Series Gyratory Vibrating Screen

Under some special working conditions, such as space limitation or higher requirements of replacing the screen, MPG series gyratory vibrating screen is an ideal choice.

It has the similar functional principle with gyratory vibrating screen, while, the MPG gyratory screen has a unique and economic design which not only reduce the downtime but also increase the productivity.

Each screen divides into many screen deck, and every deck is very light, one person can complete screen replacement. Due to the decrease of the screen size, it needs smaller space when the screen is replaced.

There are side-opening doors replacing the screen on both sides, it does not affect the upstream and downstream equipments when changing screens.

Functional principle

Gyratory Screen Moving MotionMPG series gyratory vibrating screen function principle

MPG series gyratory vibrating screen puts the distribution of material device and screening plant together as it passes along the screen surface. It begins with a horizontal circular motion at the feed end, gradually changes to changes to elliptical motion at the center, and finally to a straight-line motion at the discharge end, keeping the material in constant contact with the screen surface without deterioration.


MPG series gyratory vibrating screen advantages

Less space needed, saving labor costs.

Replacing screen’s time is shorter, thereby improving screening efficiency.

Side door design reduces workload furthest.


MPG series gyratory vibrating screen parameters

MPG series gyratory vibrating screen Specification

Note:the parameter above is just for reference,it can be customized by different requirement

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