Recycling Industry Application

In the material recycling industry application such as old tire, waste rubber material, broken glass and waste plastic production, First, we need broke the waste rubber and plastic into powder, pellet and chip shape material, then screening the broken recycling material with screener equipment. Because the shape of the broken recycling material always is irregular such as bar type or chip type etc, and the bulk density of the material is light, the bulk material is easy to block the screen aperture, The screen deck of M&Y gyratory screen with self-cleaning structure could solve the problem, and the screening result is good.


Material List

Glass, glass particle,waste glass, glass chips, waste bottle, glass beads, rubber, waste rubber, ground rubber, waste rubber powder, waste rubber chip, rubber pellets, rubber particles, waste tire, waste tire chips,waste plastic bottle, waste building sand, reclaimed gypsum, Renewable plaster, Plastic debris, plastic chips.

Our Purpose

1. We are only focus on the designing and researching for M.Y vibrating screens.

2.We supply and design the screen solution for different project.
3.We try our best to offer you the reasonable screen equipment.
1.Performance is reliable
2.Screening precision is high
3.Capacity is large