Plastic Industry Application

The M series gyratory screen could reach the satisfied screening result when the plastic is little powder or pellet type, especially when the plastic pellet is bar shape such as PVC pellet, Nylon pellet, Epoxy resin particles, the gyratory reciprocating motion of M series gyratory screen is better for screening above material.


Material List

Plastic:Polyethylene, PVC, PVC pellet, plastic pellet, Resin, Epoxy, Polycarbonate,Melamine formaldehyde resin, Engineering Plastics,Polyethylene oxide, Polyethylene oxide pellets, PVA pellets, PVA powder, ABS, Nylon, Nylon powder, Nylon pellet

Our purpose

1. We are only focus on the designing and researching for M.Y vibrating screens.
2.We supply and design the screening solution for different project.
3.We try our best to offer you the reasonable screening equipment.
1.Performance is reliable
2.Screening precision is high
3.Capacity is large