Food Industry Application

The material abrasiveness of food industry application is little, but the request on health safety is high, our M&Y gyratory screen designed specific for food industry application could satisfy the request on the hygienism, the daily operation and maintenance will be much easier


Material list

Staple food: Flour, high-gluten flour, corn meal, corn flour, rice flour, fine flour, soybean milk flour, milk powder, skimmed milk powder

Flavoring: Flavoring, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, dextrin, maltodextrin, black pepper, black pepper powder, paprika

Solid drink: Glucose, cocoa powder, cococa beans, coffe, coffee beans, tea, conocut powder, solid drink, instant coffee, instant fruit juice powder, blunt agent

Additive and others: Candy, semen sesami nigrum, xylosic alcohol, soda, sodium bicarbonate, intant tea, peanut, saccharin sodium salt, spice powder, whey

Our purpose

1. We are only focus on the designing and researching for M&Y vibrating screens.
2.We supply and design the screening solution for different project.
3.We try our best to offer you the reasonable screening equipment.
1.Performance is reliable
2.Screening precision is high
3.Capacity is large