Agriculture Industry Application

In agriculture industry application, there are obvious difference of the shape and size between particle grain to roast bean cake, and the request screening capacity also could be from hundreds kilograms to hundreds of tons such as albumen powder and grain, So the combination of M series gyratory vibrating screen and MPG series gyratory vibrating screen could meet the request on precision screening and huge capacity screening.



Material List:

Grain: rice ,wheat , corn, soybean, mung, barley, rice bran, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, albumen powder, rice flour, wheat flour, corn meal, corn flour, corn grit, Cracked corn,oatmeal,rice husk, bean curd, soybean powder, soybean meal, bean dregs, bean flour

Animal Feed: Animal Feed, Forage, feedstuff, raw feed, feed pellets, soya-bean cake

Other: fine cake, meat meal, chicken meal, fish meal, albumen powder

Our purpose?

1. We are only focus on the designing and researching for M&Y vibrating screens.

2.We supply and design the screening solution for different projects.

3.We try our best to offer you the reasonable screening equipment.


1. Reliable performance

2. High screening precision

3. Large capacity