Enterprise Marketing

1.The material screening test and equipment selection
Material itself physical characteristics could affect the selection on machine model, such as the density, material size and size distribution, moisture and temperature etc. We set up a specialized screening workshop, design and choose the most suitable model type to meet the customers actual requirement.

2.The equipment manufacture and quality control
Our factory workshop building area is over 20,000 m2, and there is a group of experienced technical workers, they could supply you high quality equipment under strict technological requirement.

3.The shop inspection before delivery
After equipment assembly work finished workshop, our inspector will check every inspection item carefully include the noisy, temperature-up, frequency and amplitude etc as to make sure every technical item could meet customers request.

4.The complete equipment documents and record for customer inquiry
We following and recording every machine since the order has been placed, and setting up a particular and complete database to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our products and service.

5.Equipment delivery
Each of our product will arrived to our clients safely by advanced logistics transportation, technical guidance and cargo handling services. In order to improve the delivery efficiency, production qualities, specifications and quantities will be inspected and packaged carefully by our professional packing clerks, the different production is packed by different package material, then the customer benefit and product quality will be guaranteed.